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17 SCI(E) 2017 A Study on Hovering Motion of the Underwater Vehicle with Umbilical Cable
16 SCI(E) 2017 Design of Thermal Stress Control Layers in the Selective Deposition Technology of Hot Axle Forging Dies
15 SCI(E) 2017 Numerical Study on ICI Nozzle Ejection of External Vessel Cooling Reactors under Severe Accident Conditions
14 SCI(E) 2016 A study on an underwater tracked vehicle with a ladder trencher
13 SCI(E) 2016 Design and Control of High Speed Unmanned Underwater Glider
12 SCI(E) 2015 An Integrity of Reactor Vessel Head and ICI Nozzle under In-Vessel Vapor Explosion Loads
11 SCI(E) 2015 Design, Control and Implementation of a New AUV Platform with a Mass Shifter Mechanism
10 SCI(E) 2015 Development of Integrated Stub End by Spinning Process
9 SCI(E) 2015 Modeling and control of an unmanned underwater vehicle using a mass moving system
8 SCI(E) 2015 Numerical analysis and performance enhancement of a cross-flow hydro turbine
7 SCI(E) 2015 Numerical and experimental studies on the PTO system of a novel floating wave energy converter
6 SCI(E) 2015 Performance investigation of a counter-rotating tidal current turbine by CFD and model experimentation
5 SCI(E) 2015 Performance study on a counter-rotating tidal current turbine by CFD and model experimentation
4 SCI(E) 2015 Study on underwater wireless communication system using LED
3 SCI(E) 2015 Trajectory Generation and Sliding-Mode Controller Design of an Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems with Redundancy
2 SCI(E) 2014 Development and Control of a New AUV Platform
1 SCI(E) 2014 Time optimal trajectory design for unmanned underwater vehicle